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Arik Davidi

Shani Stern Alfassy

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Mr. Sebban leads CUGlobal as the majority shareholder Owner & President.


Eliahou comes from a very wealthy and illustrious family whose origins date back to several generations ago with deep roots in worldwide industries & commerce.

These include many areas of international activity such as agriculture, infrastructure, energy, mining, oil & gas, tourism, shipping, marine, philanthropy and many other sectors of the global economic market.


Eliahou has extensive knowledge of financial instruments such as MTN, EuroBonds, Sovereign Guarantees and international financial insurance instruments. 


Mr. Davidi is Corporate Vice President of CUGlobal. He is also the Honorary General Consul of the Republic of Guinea in Israel since 2020.

Mr. Davidi has a B.A. in Political Science and Mathematics, Haifa University and B.A. in Parts in General History – Tel Aviv University. In addition, Mr. Davidi has MA in Political Science and geopolitics of Middle-East, Haifa University and MA in International Relationship, Hamburg Academy for Leadership.

Over fifteen years of vast experience in international trade and transaction with large range of HLS, Security & Defense and commodities.

Mr. Davidi was engaged both as manager and consultant in projects word wide dealing with comprehensive up-to-date and innovative operational defensive and offensive solutions for HLS and Safe and smart city situations that combine technologies, intelligence, and command capabilities, police, and special forces.

Mr. Davidi has proven track record of career serving as Chairman & CEO of Holding Companies in the fields of Energy, Clean Tec Technologies, Security & Defense, commodities, multimedia and others. Mr. Davidi is a board member in many traded companies and major corporations in these sectors. 

Business Development VP



With a Masters degree in Organizational Consulting, specializing in Strategy and Capital Markets Trading, Shani is the Dolphin Group's Senior consultant on projects in Africa and United Arab Emirates.


She specializes in structuring

Turn-Key and Mega projects including a range of PPP models.


Having established a strategic consulting firm for companies, mergers and acquisitions including capital raising for international projects as well as Israeli startups firms, Shani has built close relationships with many factors in the market place. This includes financial and strategic investors, senior executives in venture capital, private equity, governments and multinational corporations. 

Mordechai (Modi) Reshef

מודי פספורט 6.6.221.jpg

Mr. Reshef is acting in the development of all novel businesses established by CUGlobal. He is also the leader of all Energy projects the company is involved in due to his over 30-year background in the Electrical Industry.

Mr. Reshef is an Experienced Engineer with a BSc (cum laude) and an MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering and also holds an MBA degree with an expertise in Business Development.

Mr. Reshef also holds military professions as a pilot and as a test engineer.

Most of his carrier was in the Electrical Power industry, especially in the gas turbine utilities, as manager in charge of erection, commissioning, operation and maintenance of various gas turbines and combined cycle units.

Mr. Reshef was engaged in many projects dealing with the development of fuel line grids, safety of operation, fire protection,

noise control and risk management. He was also a project manager for a

novel project, pioneer in the world, converting a 50 MW Gas Turbine, to

burn methanol as a substitute fuel to Diesel oil.

During the last 5 years, Mr. Reshef has integrated into the vast activities

of CUGlobal, bringing his skills to assist in the development of the

company and becoming the right-hand man of our president.


Nachum Yoel Weinberger


Nimrod Schwartz


Entrepreneur, investor and director in many companies, some of which have already gone public or have been acquired by leading multinational companies.

Mr. Schwartz played an integral role in helping management teams recruit, develop strategies, and establish partnership agreements in many investment & startup companies.

He has also created relationships with worldwide strategic and financial investors that later become investors in joint portfolio companies.

In his capacity as VP he also provides day-to-day support to CUGlobal based on deep business, technical, product & market knowledge.

A serial entrepreneur from his early teens, with a successful international sales and business development track record. Nachum is the owner and active partner in over 10 businesses operating in over 30 global markets.


Among his other business talents and experience, Nachum is a specialist in medical consumables and equipment, Nachum’s skills and capabilities includes the design, development and manufacturing of over 4500 + medical consumables with headquarters in the US and Africa, servicing the needs of US, Europe, South America & Africa.


With robust transferable skills, he has gained valuable experience in investment, facilitation and arbitration across diverse markets and at the highest levels (including NHS Supply Chain and other key Government trading tenders).


As a respected and effective member of the management team, Nachum is a fundamental asset with a strategic no-nonsense approach, identifying, negotiating and mediating solutions, thriving on maximizing opportunities and building strong outcomes for all parties.

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