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CUGLOBAL LIMITED is a part of the Dolphin group of Companies being active for decades in various sectors such as Energy, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Marine Transportation, Mining, Fishery, Tourism and more.


CUGLOBAL's role is mostly as the Funding and Financial division within the group whereas Dolphin Holdings Asia (BVI) together with its EPC affiliates companies is designated for implementation and management of international Turn Key (TK) and PPP projects. With our deep knowledge and broad contacts with well established Israeli companies with the most cutting edge technologies, we can ensure our partners selecting the most suitable companies to execute each project by its complexity and special needs.


Relying on its owner’s wealth, resources and strong relations with leading financial institutions, CUGLOBAL is able to invest, and finance international projects in the scope of Billions of Euros which in certain circumstances are designated as a humanitarian contribution or grant.

CUGLOBAL includes a very talented board of directors and management, which supervise and monitor all major aspects and decisions to be taken together with their partners on the various group projects.  

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