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Oil Drilling Wells -Water Treatment Plant, Colombia


  • The facility has a capacity of 4,000 m³ per hour (500,000 BWPD)

  • 3 stages of filtration from 25 micron through 7, and down to 1 micron followed by RO

  • 600 PE & FRP lines

  • 2,000 IOs

  • 1,000 ton of steel

  • 3,500 m³ of concrete

  • 100 equipment units

A Selection of Projects Funded & Implemented:

עותק של תמונה1.png

Arctic Climate Green-Houses, Algae Growth Farm, API plant – TK, China

  • 4 hectare greenhouses for growing tomatoes - Turn Key project

  • Utilizing  Geo-Term Springs @  – 40 °C Ambient  Temp


 Isomerization Plant, Pharmaceutical Plant, Croatia

Turn-Key Lump Sum project including performance guarantee, 22 months’ time frame, to provide an isomerization plant in Croatia.


  • 160,000 EPCM hours.

  • 40 P&ID’s.

  • 2000 Activities on the Gant.

  • 45 Km piping.

  • 800 Ton, steel construction.

  • 3D modeling for the entire design.

  • 1800 I/O connected to process computer.

  • 60 pieces of static equipment, 40 large scale pumps, compressors, 3 heaters, total of 123 units delivered to site.


Pliva - API Pharma Plant, Croatia

Detailed design project to provide an API plant in Croatia comprised of several buildings, total building area constructed 20,000 sqm.


  • 40,000 design hours

  • 160 P&ID’s

  • 4,000 lines were designed

  • 3D modeling for the entire design

  • 3,500 I/O’s connected to process computer

Total of 630 various equipment units were shipped to site, including:


  • Compressors

  • Chillers

  • Scrubbers

  • Glass-lined reactors


 Warri Oil Refinery Rehabilitation Project, Nigeria

(first Nigerian government wholly owned refinery commissioned in 1978).


Upgrading and rehabilitation of refinery systems:


  • Condensate recovery system for refinery plants

  • Facilities systems in the FCC unit

  • Sour water plant

  • Amine plant

  • Computerizing of Crude distillation unit

  • Reformer & HDS unit


 Dairy Farm & Livestock Housing, Vietnam

EPCM project, 40 months rolling schedule to

deliver 12 dairy farms, 2400 milking cows per farm.


  • 1 Million sqm of buildings

  • 25,000 Ton steel construction

  • 70,000 m³ of concrete

  • 400,000 sqm of site development works

  • Man load - 1100 workers accumulative on site

Worldwide procurement activity:


  • Livestock from New-Zealand

  • Agriculture machinery from Europe & US

  • Milking parlor from Israel

  • Working in totally green area, create the need for purifying drinking water for the cows, food centers, manure handling and removal, etc.


Tomskneft Gas Compressor Station, Siberia, Russia

Complete Electrical and Instrumentation Installation Works of Main Compressor Station & Booster Compressor Station for Tomskneft Gas Compressor Station.


Shurtan Gas Complex - Boster Compressor Station, Uzbekistan


Kashagan Field Development

All utility Systems & Infrastructure

230MW combined-cycle power plant

4 Gas Turbines GE frame 6

2 Steam Turbines –Nuovo-Pignone

Steam & Condensate.

Treated Water Systems

Utilities Area Firefighting

Chemical Handling

Air & Nitrogen

Fuel | Gas | Diesel


Key Features:

Electrical substation No. 3

Engineering & Management

Construction – Peak manpower on site: 1200

Integration/synergy with power station


Advanced Sustainable Water / Waste-Water, Sewage Treatment Facilities,  Africa & Latin America

Main EPC Partner: P2W Group

Financing of Mining Services & Activities, Africa & Asia

Open Cast Mining | Deep Cast - Underground Mining | Upstream-Downstream Mineral Recovery

High Tech Park Campus Facilities at Kiryat Gat (Intel, Hitachi, HP, Micron and more), Israel


Design and construction of a 6,000 sqm building adjacent to existing building with:


  • Kitchen and dining hall for 2400 diners

  • Kitchen and dining hall for 500 diners

  • Main lobby

  • Visitors center

  • 3500 m³ of concrete

  • 150 tons of steel

  • 300 equipment units were installed

  • Total of 538,000 working hours

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