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           in the Future

Dolphin Group of Companies comprise of several companies and partnerships. 

With headquarter in Israel and in France, Dolphin Group offers an interesting combination of financial strength, professionalism and vast experience in a wide range of activities.

Our primer targets are national projects, meeting the preferences of local governments around the globe.


CUGlobal wishes to restore remote places all over the world and especially in Africa.

Our aim is to see to the quality of life of its inhabitants.

We will invest in the improvement and development of all the required infrastructures including Electricity, Water Resources, Agriculture, Irrigation, Transportation, Health System, Education – basic and high and, whatever other facilities which will contribute to the people's welfare.

All this is to assure that every individual will be able to exist with dignity and enjoy a fulfilling and a safe life with a promising future of joy and prosperity.

Professionalism, integrity, righteousness and good virtues are the characteristics We always strives to find in our future partners.


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